LoveLula April 2019 Beauty Box

As part of the LoveLula Accredited Blogger Programme I receive the LoveLula Beauty Box*. I highly recommend the beauty box subscription – it’s only £14.95 per month and often the value of the products are more than double or even triple this amount (this month the products are worth £63!). There’s always a good variety of different brands and products in the boxes, and everything is cruelty free (like all LoveLula products). The other thing I love about this beauty box subscription is you receive a voucher code to get 25% off purchases from the brands featured in the box that month which is great if you discover a product you love (or you want to try something else from the brand). So what was in the April box?

Alteya Organics Chamomile Water* (120ml, £7.95)

I seem to have a love/hate relationship with Alteya Organics products. I absolutely adore some of the products I’ve tried of theirs (the Rosehip Seed Oil* is gorgeous and such good value), whilst others I just can’t get on with. Sadly, this one fits in to the second camp. I don’t tend to use spray toners much anyway, so it does take a lot for me to love a spray toner, but this one I just don’t really like. The scent is pretty strong and not one I like, and I don’t feel it does much to my skin. Maybe over a prolonged period of time it would have hydrating benefits, and I’m sure it’s a useful addition to a skincare routine, but it’s not one I’ll be continuing to use as I don’t find it an enjoyable experience.

Gallinée Body Milk* (200ml, £28.00)

Gallinée are an interesting brand; all their products include bacteria to support your skin. I’ve tried their hand cream and face cream in the past and really liked both of them; in fact I repurchased the Probiotic Hand Cream* and my partner likes it too (it’s good for very dry skin). The body milk contains prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics and is also designed for dry (or atopy-prone) skin so should be good for those with eczema (which I am sometimes susceptible to). I’ve only tried it a couple of times but so far I have found that it does moisturise without being heavy or leaving skin feeling greasy; it absorbs really well so no waiting around to get dressed (always a bugbear of mine!). The downside for me is the scent (are you noticing how important scent is to me?! 🙈). This isn’t a bad scent, it just isn’t anything amazing either. I’d much prefer it if it was unscented, or if it had a really lovely scent that I’d use in place of a perfume. I probably will continue to use this, though I’m not reaching for it on a regular basis at the moment. If you’re less fussy about scents this is a really great product.

Dr Botanicals Lemon Superfood all-in-one Rescue Butter
Dr Botanicals Lemon Superfood all-in-one Rescue Butter

Dr Botanicals Lemon Rescue Butter* (50ml, £19.00)

YAY! I love the smell of this! So after two products that I didn’t love the scent of, the box also massively delivered on one that I do really love the scent of. The Dr Botanicals Lemon Rescue Butter is a new product from the brand and is a multi-purpose balm with lemongrass oil and coconut oil. It’s designed to nourish, hydrate and protect the skin. You can use it on your face as a rich moisturiser, or you can use it on dry skin. It also says you can use it as a cleanser though that seems a waste of product to me as it wouldn’t have the same nourishing benefits. I’ve been using it as a night cream, and on dry skin (especially my elbows). It’s quite a thick cream but it absorbs well and isn’t at all greasy. I’m finding it’s leaving my skin feeling really soft and is definitely a good rich moisturiser. Considering how much you get it’s also fairly good value compared to other products from the brand. I have to say, I do tend to like Dr Botanicals products. I love their coffee facial exfoliator*, and also like the pomegranate sleeping mask*. They’re definitely less herbal smelling than many of the more natural brands I use (which is a good thing in my opinion!).

Glossworks nail polish in Raspberry Parade* (9ml, £12.00)

This is a lovely bright pink colour perfect for this time of year and would look great on toes! I use gel nail polish these days for the longevity aspect, so I’m unlikely to use this although I might give it a go on my toes where polish tends to last longer. It’s not easy to find natural, cruelty free nail polishes, and Glossworks is a great brand to look into if you’re wanting this. I really like their Nail and Cuticle Oil*.

Kimberly Sayer Sample Set

I know some people don’t like it when we get small samples in the beauty boxes as you can’t really give things a thorough test, but I have to say I really like having the opportunity to test things for one or two applications just to see if you like the scent/texture/feel etc. I’m not sure if every box received the same but I got the Kimberly Sayer Gentle Face Cleanser* and the Kimberly Sayer Restore Anti-Aging Cream*. I haven’t tried them yet as I tend to save samples for when I’m away.

There were some really great brands in this month’s box; I might have to take advantage of the 25% offer to stock up on some other products from these brands that I love (the offer is valid until May 10th). The stand out for me this month was the Dr Botanicals Lemon Rescue Butter as it smells amazing and really nourishes my skin. I’ve been receiving the LoveLula Beauty Box for over a year now and I still absolutely love it; I’ve discovered so many great products and it’s such good value. You can subscribe to the LoveLula beauty box* in various different packages – I highly recommend it as it’s a highlight of my month!

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